Monday, March 2, 2009

By the way...

I'm certain it's a girl!
I don't put much stock in all the "old wives tales" that predict gender of the baby. However, I think the mom "just knows" what it's going to be. This intuition can be skewed if the mom really wants it to be a certain sex, but in general, I think it works.
How do I know?
Because I went to the fabric shop, and I picked out a lot of pink stuff.
Sounds crazy, but when I was 18 weeks pregnant with Andy, I was drooling over the boy bedding and couldn't stand all the girl bedding. I thought it looked like cookie monster puked Pepto Bismal on it! At the time I was really hoping it wasn't a girl because I was going to buy her the bedding with the airplanes and trains on it. Now I think that somehow I just knew...
So now I know... it has to be a girl, otherwise he's going to get pink and green stuff in his bed. Or maybe purple and green.... I haven't decided yet.
As for "old wives tales," the one that says you get sicker with a girl has got to be true. If there is one that says you get fatter, that one is probably true too.

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Anonymous said...

A girl with long flowing black hair is what I'm holding out for!!

Misty :)