Monday, March 30, 2009

Best Idea Ever

Okay - check out the shoes!!! Not only are they the cutest things ever... BUT THEY SQUEAK WHEN HE WALKS!
At first you might think this is about as pleasant as a root canal. On further investigation, you will realize how hard it is to keep up with an energetic 2 year old at the zoo. I can't quite bring myself to put a leash on my kid. These shoes, however, allow me to locate my kid with minimal effort, even when he's hiding on the other side of a bush. These shoes require constant movement by the child in order to be useful tools, but that does not seem to be a challenge for us.
I would not recomend having him wearing squeaky shoes in the house... that might endanger my sanity.
In case anyone is wondering, the merry-go-round is not so merry. It's downright scary. For some reason, it always looks fun from a distance!!!
I managed to make it to the fabric store.... Aren't these great? I looked and looked and looked to try to find something appropriate for a baby boy, but so far I'm definitely in a pink and green place. Are you sure this is going to be a boy??? I guess 2 ultra sounds should be conclusive...

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