Saturday, February 7, 2009

The second one isn't as much fun

I read somewhere that no one cares when you are pregnant for the second (or more) time. It's not nearly as big of a deal. Man, I had no idea how accurate that was!

During my first pregnancy, my husband filled up my car with gas and made sure I had plenty of time to rest.

This time, I don't think he's noticed that I'm pregnant yet. I actually told him that the other day, and he said he noticed that day that I was yelling at him...

Anyhow - this one is harder. I'm really struggling trying to everything done and not be completely ehausted all of the time. Being prego with a toddler ain't easy!!!

Today grandma brought my son a huge truck that holds a bunch of matchbox cars. He promptly sat down and sorted them out into piles accordign to color. Hmmm... looks like those engieering genes have doomed him. Poor kid - going to be just like daddy. :)

I've got parent teacher conference this week at his school. I think I'm nervous!!! Maybe I'm scared they will tell me my kid is less than perfection? Isn't that horrible? Every once in a while, I wonder why parents (especially me) get so excited thinking their kid is perfect. In the end, I don't know that perfect kids make better adults - and I'm pretty sure it doesn't mean their parents are any happier or love them any less... so I should just let the whole conference thing go...

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